At Bee, we're more than tech enthusiasts; we're architects of innovation. Overcoming challenges, we've impacted 100+ industries, fostering success and growth.


Outsourcing Time and Skill
Consultancy for strategic insights, Gamification for engaging experiences, R&D for cutting-edge advancements, Training for skill elevation and Industry-specific expertise.
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Tailor-Made Solutions
DXspark, a dynamic division of Moongy Group, brings comprehensive project expertise from inception to realization. With roots tracing back to 2014, our collaboration with DXSpark continues to drive innovation in areas like tourism apps, logistics, Android Auto, web applications and cutting-edge interfaces in the education sector.
Tailor-Made Solutions
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We led the development and provided technical support for a bespoke e-commerce app for Vodafone, a telecommunications leader. This application facilitated internet connections for residential and business clients, enhancing Vodafone's market presence and customer engagement.

Empowering Success: Crafting Innovative BI Solutions

From inception to delivery, Bee's expert team crafted a comprehensive BI model using cutting-edge Microsoft technology. Every phase of the project was meticulously executed, culminating in a successful outcome. Our team went further by crafting a robust layer of KPIs and dynamic dashboards, amplifying the project's global impact and resulting in remarkable productivity gains.



Bee Engineering’s culture unique. We encourage each member of the team to reach further and learn to solve problems in a creative way. We believe that the core of Engineering starts within each one of us. Find the Desire to Dream, Commit and Conquer your Future. Dare to Be Different!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bee Engineering is committed to social responsibility and sustainability, following the plan until 2030. The company prioritizes valuing its employees, implementing development actions and aims to positively influence the community, ensuring equitable access to information.

Diversity and Inclusion

Bee Engineering embraces Diversity and Inclusion as core values, fostering an inclusive environment where every individual's unique strengths contribute to our collective success. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and excellence.

The people who make magic happen

Together we will find the exact formula that fits the specifics of your project – whether based on a time & materials basis or a managed outsourcing solution.

Manoel Junior
XE - eXperienced Engineer
"Being Bee-Eng is simple. Customers and workers who are a part of it are committed to it and both share its DNA of loyalty, devotion, friendliness and empathy. Always with positive energy. I feel a member of the Hive."
Ricardo Ramos
Business Analyst
"Bee has a team that supports us both professionally and personally. Through the network of collaborators, we are able to have someone help when we encounter difficulties in our projects. In the Hive, there is a sense of closeness."
Ana Catarina Silva
"Excellent mood, good disposition and transparency. Bee Engineering is a company that always supports us on our professional path and makes us feel completely at home."
José Pedrosa
Advanced engineer
"Company that understands the needs of its employees with an attentive and competent team and an informal and relaxed


The main innovations in the technological market and new developments in the market from the perspective of someone who understands the subject.

Bee Engineering celebrates diversity with Multicultural Arraial
Bee Engineering achieves ISO9001 certification
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